fill up your hydroflask, get cozy & let’s take a trip down

memory lane.png

My story dates back to about 12 years ago (sometime around my 12th birthday) when my mom opened Cacique Boutique in Miami. 

I loved going with her to tradeshows, buying inventory & styling photoshoots. When I wasn’t at school or dance, I was in the boutique. Working. I grew up with an amazing relationship to work. I never minded hard work. Correction: I never minded hard work as long as it was something I was passionate about. I didn’t learn this about myself until a few years later.



I was in college, deciding what my “career” should be. I was trying to do what everyone else told me to do: Get a high paying job in Corporate America, work for 25 years, retire and THEN travel and enjoy life. While I was nodding in approval, my mind was saying NO F%CK’N WAY. I just knew that life wasn’t meant for me.

I wanted FREEDOM.



So I did it. I quit college. I know, I know, “you don’t need a degree to be successful” - but I still felt scared. What would people think of me? How would I make money?


I took a breath, did some yoga and I put my big girl pants on...


I grabbed my laptop and spent two years taking online courses and researched EVERYTHING there was to know about social media, branding and online marketing. I re-launched my mother’s brick-and-mortor store into an online e-commerce platform called, grew it to 60K+ followers on Instagram & sat front row at fashion shows. 


So, I opened my second business. A digital marketing agency called Before we grew into a bad ass team of 7, I had to put in the work. Trust me, I was hustling. HARD. I spent my days pitching to clients and my nights working, typing, designing & watching YouTube tutorials. When the clock would hit 4am, I’d force myself to close my laptop and rest for the next day of work. Let me tell ya, it wasn’t all pretty Instagrammable moments.

There was a lot of failure. Marketing other people’s businesses was a completely different ball game than marketing my own. When I started out, I was working way too many hours and charging way too little. But I was determined to find a system that worked. I wanted to confidently turn people’s dreams into a reality.

In January of 2018 I hit my goal of making $15,000 in one month. I did it. I finally learned how to be efficient with my digital marketing skills and most importantly how to be effective in launching & growing my client’s businesses.

We are now a team of 7 digital designers all based in different parts of the world (Singapore, Hawaii, Bali) and let me tell ya…business is BOOMIN’. 


I figured out how to sustain working online while managing my team and I decided to live a modern nomadic lifestyle. I started traveling the world with my friends, family and team while coaching entrepreneurs (like you) to create your own business and live life on your own terms.


Friends, family and acquaintances started reaching out asking questions and seeking guidance. Some wanted to know how to start their own business, others wanted to work remotely for companies and others simply wanted a shift in life. 

I started mentoring people who were on my same journey and found that all my years of trial and error, failed attempts and straight up struggles, had led me to this. This is what I was meant to do…

Guide others in turning their dream into a real business.




I, along with my team, spent a year creating “Brand, Target & Launch” an 8-week online course that combines personal development with online business technique. 

This course offers the tools and mentorship that I wish I had when I started. 

“Brand, Target & Launch” guides you through goal setting, business planning, branding, task management, social media marketing, email marketing, blog writing, SEO strategy & website design.  





Yes, I’m serious. Throughout the 8-weeks, I’m here for YOU. I don’t hire an intern to pretend to be me on Facebook or on text. I’m really here to connect with each and every student. 

…And once the course is over don’t think I’m going to let you off the hook. Students have lifetime access to our private Facebook Group where you can always share, ask questions and receive feedback. 

We’re in this together!

If you’re ready for change, then please send me a message! I’d love to hear your story and I’ll tell you if Cacique Academy is a good fit for you.